Monday, October 22, 2012


I am under the impression that my strongest productivity comes about when I am more consistently busy.  It's why I took eighteen hours of school and worked at least twenty hours of work during my time in college. The days where class/work was cancelled, I spent a lot of the day at home/lounging around, missing out on other things I should've been doing. In essence, I am extremely lazy - but I have learned to counteract that with giving myself "missions" or things that constantly keep me moving from one thing to the next.

So of course, with the state of where my life is right now...I'm getting next to nothing done. With the terribleness of my jobs (which have both basically fallen through currently) and future employers giving me vague "we'll-call-you-back"s, I don't have many places I need to be. Therefore, I waste my time doing a whole lot of nothing. I've been meaning to start a diet, finish a few chapters, get a more reliable job, make more time to talk to my friends (overall, improve current social life), etc; but, well, it's not really happening.

I'm helping my dad with some building projects here and there and I've taken to baking and cooking when I have the materials, but it's basically a farce to appear busy. Because I am not busy. Not at all. And it's really troublesome, because I feel more and more like a lazy slug. So I've made it my new goal (or promise seeing as now it's more official) that I will actually be productive - I have bills to pay and things I want to do with my life.

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