Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Identity Thief

This one wasn't my pick; however, I had no arguments against it. It seemed a little silly and good for a few laughs, but what really got me interested enough to pay money was Jason Bateman. I don't know if you know this, but I love his sense of humor. Something about the straight-laced, no-one's-listening-anymore, almost-muttering delivery he has just speaks to me. A lot of people I've tried to explain this to do not understand. They don't laugh when he speaks. I, on the other hand, find trouble not laughing at every word he says. There's just something about it.
Basically Sandy (Bateman) finds out about huge purchases made with his card and a crime he supposedly committed in another state. Obviously, this was not him and he realizes he has become a victim of identity theft, because someone has been using his account, his social, and his name. The police (like in most comedies/actions/any movie where the cop isn't the main character) are useless in protecting Sandy from becoming overdrawn and losing his job, so it's up to him to bring the person who has stolen his identity face-to-face with the ColoradoPD and get a confession. Thus, he travels to where his card was used last to bring "Sandy," who we shall now call Diana (McCarthy), to bring her back with him. A messed-up roadtrip ensues where they have to beware of a crazy bounty hunter and two drug dealer (associates?) who are also looking for Diana. A lot of random troubles occur, which I honestly could not tell you the exact order of (or why), even though I saw it two days ago.

So, obviously, there's some great laughs. And for the most part it tends to stay on track of fairly believable. (Minus the bounty hunter and two drug dealers, who I kind of felt the movie would've done much better without.) The odd thing about this movie was that there are some strangely sentimental moments where you really sympathize with Diana (and Melissa McCarthy does a great job in these dramatic scenes -- I think she cries like three times and it makes me think she shouldn't always go for the funny girl parts).

And the movie has this message about being a schmuck because that's the "right" thing. I couldn't really get a hundred percent behind that part. Sometimes you need to play the game. The world is not black and white, and I think it's better to stand up for yourself and what you believe is right, then get walked all over because that's the nice thing to do.

Identity Thief (Gordon, 2013) has some silly laughs and great friendship-based values. I think it tries too hard (and fails) at a deep moral message five minutes after she tapes up a bounty hunter with a Capri Sun, but it's a fun movie to see with friends. Verdict: RENT-IT. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Five: internet personalities, ripsters, yum

We're basically into Saturday now, but here's my Friday Five Obsessions. 
1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 
Whoa, a day disappeared after I discovered this. At the beginning of this week I was reveling in the magic of 200 years of Pride & Prejudice delight, and crazy-stalking everyone who tweeted about their favorite line/character/cover for Jane Austen's work. (Side note: Hard to have a favorite book, but this one is somewhere in Top Ten for me, hands down.) Anyways, in some post about the best P&P adaptions, I came across this. And I googled, and I watched. And I kept watching. And half a day was gone. But holy crap it's so good! They've done a really good job adapting the story to modern times, with vlogs, cell phones, working women, etc.
The best (worst?) thing about this obsession is that it's on-going! I get a new one every Monday and Thursday. Yesterday's about wrecked me. Relating it to the book, it's at about where Lizzie finds out Lydia has run off with Wickham - but it's modernized so that's not quite the drama. The drama is comparable to the same level of scandal we'd feel in today's world if a woman runnning away with a man had happened to us 200 years ago. But, I'll give nothing away. Just know that if you love P&P or webisodes of good shows you MUST check this out here.
2. askageek
I wouldn't consider myself a huge geek (I don't read comics, play video games, or understand the fascination of Doctor Who) but this guy cracks me up. Because of the fact that nerd culture is becoming a huge part of pop culture (who hasn't heard of Game of Thrones?), it's turning fantasy and superhero topics into something "cool". Anyways, the general public has questions and boy, does askageek have answers. I want to believe that he doesn't do research before answer simply because it is impressive to me that he can name all of Spiderman's girlfriends off the top of his head. 

I don't understand every question that he answers, but when I have a bit of nerdom knowledge (Star Wars, mainly) it seriously makes me find him attractive. And there are times when he is so serious and cynical that I enjoy his realistic pessimism. There's just something about a man who can make you laugh, you know? See his answers here.

3. Orange Mango Smoothie w/ Matcha
Let me first say I tried the Strawberry smoothie and added matcha powder and - DON'T DO IT. I love strawberry green tea, so I thought that would work, but no. So, then I tried adding matcha to the orange mango smoothie. And now, this past week my craze has been making one of these every Starbucks shift I work. It is so good. (Also, for those who don't know, matcha is ground green tea leaves. And for those who know me, you know I lurve green tea quite a bit.)  Yum.
4. Writing like Hemingway
What I mean, is drinking and writing. Haha. I have never done this, but it surprises me how many writers (specifically Hemingway) swore by doing so. I even think he's the one to thank for the "Write drunk, edit sober" quote. I haven't had anytime to do this, especially since I work basically every morning. But I keep thinking about it. And saying, "Maybe tonight..." I don't know, it's weird. I want to try and see what I come up with. Honestly, I feel like it'll be a bunch of nonsensical drivel. But, like Alice, I have too much curiosity.

5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
The best way for me to describe this is "hipster rap". (Does that make them rapsters? Ripsters?)
I was listening to Sirius radio and heard them come on, with the catchy beat in their song "Thrift Shop", and a name like "Macklemore", I was really interested. After finding their music video, I realized how awesome these guys were. They're rapping about thrift store shopping - how great is that? I'm pretty sure I alone added at least 300 views to their youtube video views. Ha.